Looking for a job in Myanmar?

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If you plan to work in Myanmar and are readinmg these lines here, believe us you are at the right place.

We are part of Roger Quest International Group family doing business in Myanmar for more than 5 years. We do focus on online Job Board services ( www.jobsinyangon.com), job aggregator (myjoboo.com), executive search, outsourcing and headhunting services (rogerquest.com), regional job searching services( www.yangonjobseeker.com), candidate assessment services (rogerquest.com/candidate-assessment) and many others.

The aim of our company is to help all organizations to identify leaders who will improve the vitality and performance of their companies. We can provide access to the top executives all around SEA, at the same time we aim for the highest level of performance in each and every aspect of our work.
Our partners possess deep industry knowledge and they are high level professionals at the work they do. We bring years of leadership experience in the very sectors and functions for which we provide a range of recruitment, assessment and advisory services.
Our teams are built up in accordance with industry and functional practices letting us maximize sector specialization and knowledge shared across our company. These client service teams are supported by first-rate associates and researchers and backed by cutting edge technology.

If you are interested to get a job in Myanmar, register first your CV/Resume at here and contact us at roger@rogerquest.com. We have couple of services we can offer to you even before you arrive to Myanmar. We might publish your CV to more than 5500 employers in Myanmar or enhance your CV in our CV search filtering pragrammes.

Just post your Cv and in touch ith us via e -mail.

Visit our FB page. we have more than 800 000 Fans already.


About Us

Based in commercial capital of Myanmar, Yangon, we’ve created one of the leading Online Job platform in the country JobsInYangon.com. We are offering 5000+ jobs from Myanmar. Our team can help you to fill any vacancy or provide you with HR support and consultancy. 

Expatjobs.jobsinyangon.com has become partnering job portal of JobsinYangon.com and Executive Search Roger Quest International, thus offering professional headhunting services even across SEA region. We work with key companies across different industries (incl. non profit) providing them with international recruiting standards, not available previously in Myanmar.

If you are a company, or applicant eager to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Write to : info@jobsinyangon.com or visit www.jobsinyangon.com or www.rogerquest.com, our job aggregator www.myjoboo.com or www.yangonjobseeker.com