Who we are

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Who we are

Expatjobs.jobsinyangon.com is a part of Roger Quest family of sites helping foreigner or repatriots to get a decent or even a dream job in Myanmar.
Expatjobs  is a leading Career and Job site in Myanmar for expat jobs. Expatjobs presents the largest porfolio of jobs on Myanmar market, thus helping recruiters to source top talents from foreign countries and job seekers looking to work in Myanmar from abroad. Expatjobs.Jobsinyangon.com job board helps hiring managers and recruiters from all companies in Myanmar to post jobs, manage applicants and make the right hiring decision. Any jobseeker in Myanmar can find Jobs in Yangon and other cities of all categories of jobs. Online job opportunities can be searched or arranged by our Executive Search branch Roger Quest International.

About Us

Based in commercial capital of Myanmar, Yangon, we’ve created one of the leading Online Job platform in the country JobsInYangon.com. We are offering 5000+ jobs from Myanmar. Our team can help you to fill any vacancy or provide you with HR support and consultancy. 

Expatjobs.jobsinyangon.com has become partnering job portal of JobsinYangon.com and Executive Search Roger Quest International, thus offering professional headhunting services even across SEA region. We work with key companies across different industries (incl. non profit) providing them with international recruiting standards, not available previously in Myanmar.

If you are a company, or applicant eager to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Write to : info@jobsinyangon.com or visit www.jobsinyangon.com or www.rogerquest.com, our job aggregator www.myjoboo.com or www.yangonjobseeker.com